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We combine sophisticated AI technology with decades of human financial expertise. Our strategies are based on AI models that we have refined and repeatedly improved over many years through numerous iterations and historical simulations. Once our portfolios are active, the composition and weighting is calculated autonomously by the AI. All customer-relevant constraints and market developments are taken into account.

Quant 4.0

We increase efficiency and effectiveness throughout the asset management process by integrating artificial intelligence - from data capture to order management and reporting.

The constructed investment universe uses cluster algorithms to create an optimal and diverse selection of markets and individual stocks according to client requirements. Your success is what drives us: we do everything we can to deliver the best possible performance and security.

Our reporting provides the current portfolio status and the optimal asset allocation accompanied by analysis tools for portfolio managers and clients. Order management ensures a plausible implementation of the optimal allocations based on the dual control principle. In the end, it is and remains the human being who takes responsibility.

AI Models

Return Forecast

Our return estimators, which use both machine learning and deep learning models, are trained on historical market data to predict expected market returns.

Trend Forecast

We combine statistical models with machine learning to forecast future market trends.


Risk Forecast

Our state-of-the-art risk estimators provide a comprehensive overview of the markets by estimating potential returns and risks and enriching the data accordingly. This enables the calculation of optimal investment ratios, taking into account both return and risk.

Robo Advisory

Leveraging the same technology we offer our institutional clients, we've developed a robust, adaptable robo-advisory solution. As a white-label option, it effortlessly embodies your brand and its values. With flexible features, our robo-advisor meets diverse client needs from individual investments to risk budgeting. Whether defining specific assets for your investment, setting a risk budget, or determining investment ratios, your preferences are our blueprint.


As one of our exemplary technology in action, Smavesto convinces with outstanding performance and has been awarded several times by renowned media such as Handelsblatt, Focus Money and WirtschaftsWoche.

As a subsidiary of Sparkasse Bremen, Smavesto embodies the synergy between technological innovation and sound financial principles. You too can rely on our reliable Robo-Advisor solution and benefit from technological innovation in harmony with first-class financial expertise.

In order to intelligently manage our clients' risk budgets, we combine the individual framework conditions of institutional investors with our many years of experience on the capital markets and our innovative AI algorithms.

Marco Wunderlich
Sales Manager GET Capital

More potential.
Fewer risks.

Effective asset management

With our fusion of data, technology and top talent, we achieve optimal return opportunities while reducing risk. Our innovative solution, including the Quant 4.0 investment approach, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to precisely monitor markets and formulate accurate forecasts. This gives you an attractive risk-return ratio and a portfolio to suit your needs.

Individual solutions for institutional clients

We specialize in the needs of institutional investors. Together with you, we develop customized solutions that meet your return targets, risk parameters, investment guidelines and individual framework conditions. In doing so, we can take into account a wide variety of asset classes, such as equities, bonds, derivatives or ETFs.

Sustainability and responsibility

At GET Capital, we place great emphasis on sustainability and responsible investing. We are a partner of the United Nations PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) and build on the ESG rating of MSCI Research. This ensures that your investments meet the highest standards in terms of environmental, social and corporate governance.

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The complexity of the capital markets and the speed of current developments require competent partners. We have been using the possibilities of Big Data for us since before it became a buzzword.

Talk to us about the possibilities for your strategic investment structuring. We will work with you to develop custom-fit portfolio solutions that meet your individual return expectations, risk budgets and ancillary conditions, or use our white paper "Quant 4.0" (Download) for a first overview.

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