Beyond Asset Management

We are developing innovative business areas built on advanced asset management AI algorithms. Based on extensive historical data, the developed AI algorithms provide a solid foundation for new applications that leverage advanced pattern recognition and forecasting capabilities. By adapting and applying these algorithms to specific challenges in other industries, we achieve new insights, increase efficiency, and enable better decisions.


We are able to calculate the market values of soccer players for professional soccer clubs, player advisors and players with our advanced AI technology by combining our expertise from asset management with matchday performance data of the players.

As a result, GOOL's market values are calculated transparently, fairly and reliably at all times. An update takes place after each match day.

In an exclusive project with Sevilla FC in Spain, GET Capital was able to successfully transfer knowledge from AI-based forecasting and valuation models from the financial industry to soccer. The result was a highly individualized scouting platform. This milestone marks GET Capital's entry into the data world of professional soccer.

Sevilla FC and GET Capital have combined soccer knowledge with the scientific use of data to shape the future of professional soccer scouting in the 21st century. The competitive advantages are obvious: better transfer decisions, cost savings and efficiency gains lead to optimized business value.

Sevilla FC

Contract recognition

Get better visibility into bank accounts with AI-driven contract recognition for financial service providers. Leverage the efficiency and accuracy of our automated contract recognition to improve your business operations and make better use of your resources. Our powerful algorithm not only captures common contract types such as weekly streaming subscriptions, monthly loan repayments, or annual insurance contracts, but is also able to identify specific, individual contract structures.

In addition, the algorithm is capable of automatically supplementing essential contract data with important information. From the booking intervals of the contracts to the determination of your current status - active or cancelled - we offer you a holistic overview of your contract landscape.

Discover seamless integration with your systems through our user-friendly API. Start now for an efficient and data-driven future.

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