For us at GET Capital, automation, digitalisation, and artificial intelligence are not just visionary buzzwords, but simple an implemented reality.

Given the complex correlation of capital markets, the sheer amount of data and the speed of current developments, yielding optimal investment results on the basis of human discretion is impossible. This development is unstoppable and irreversible, and it is accompanied by technical, scientific as well as cultural challenges. An innovative solution is adapting ‘Industry 4.0’ approaches for the financial sector, especially in the field of asset management.

GET Capital’s investment approach – aptly called Quant 4.0 – is based exactly on this combination of internet technologies, big data analyses, and artificial intelligence algorithms. Implementing this ‘Smart Factory’ concept allows us to automate, configure and systematise the entire investment process, enabling us to observe the markets with extreme precision, and to make accurate forecasts. After modelling the investment universe and asset allocation, the overall investment result is subsequently simulated.

We explore the potential opened up by artificial intelligence algorithms – in terms of portfolio adjustments, systematisation and forecasting – for your benefit as our institutional clients. The result: an attractive risk/return ratio and a portfolio tailored to our clients’ wishes.

Take ‘quantum leaps’ into a new era with us!