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Our success is built on data-driven analytics and a state-of-the-art technology platform that enables us to provide best-in-class forecasts for our assets and target risk in your portfolio. We understand the importance of your individual requirements and help you structure your portfolio in the best way possible. Our team is committed to providing you with customized solutions and building a trusting partnership that focuses on your success. With us, you will not only receive accurate and reliable information, but also a forward-looking and innovative approach that will take your investment to a new level.

Quantitative Approach

We combine state of the art risk management with AI based return forecasts, highly diversified portfolios and our ambition to achieve above average returns with effective risk management. Our continuous research and development ensures not only independence, but also adaptability to optimize our approach according to changing market conditions. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying innovative strategies and techniques - to maximize your investment success.

Future long/short

Our strategy maximizes the investor's potential to benefit from both positive and negative market developments. In doing so, we invest specifically in liquid global index futures - for stable performance that comes with lower draw downs compared to the market.

Global Shares

This mutual fund uses a portfolio of global, highly diversified individual stocks. Our goal is to offer you strong market performance while significantly reducing risk. With us, you are relying on an intelligent and versatile investment strategy that always keeps an eye on risk. Here you can obtain key investor information documents (KIDD) and insight into the annual reports.

Multi asset

Our multi-asset approach combines various asset classes in an optimal allocation that is based on the current market situation. By skilfully combining different asset classes such as equities, bonds or derivatives, we create a solid basis for your investment and maximize the potential for long-term success.

Event-driven Approach

Instead of relying solely on static historical data and inherent market trends, the event-driven approach integrates the event-driven approach integrates real-time events and fresh data into the decision-making process., to track and interpret a wide range of market events. be able to - including corporate announcements, economic data releases, geopolitical shifts, and even changes in sentiment in the news and social media. By keeping track of these events, our approach provides a dynamic and comprehensive perspective on asset management. It underscores our commitment to proactive and reactive navigation of financial markets and ensures resilient investment strategies in the face of ever-changing trends.

Zendex - Sentiment-based portfolio management

As a proprietary technology, Zendex continuously sifts through hundreds of online news sources to decode expert-level sentiment and turn it into meaningful, actionable insights. The best part about Zendex? By measuring changes in corporate media sentiment, it deftly adjusts portfolio weightings, creating a fine-tuned construction that is not only reactive, but also forward-looking. With Zendex , you hold the key to intelligent portfolio management.


Climate change is real and affects us all. We are determined to make a positive contribution. GET Capital AG therefore supports the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and is committed to the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. With our focus on ESG criteria, we are committed to a sustainable and climate-neutral future. Our AI-based investment process and portfolio allocation take into account individual sustainability filters for our institutional investors by working with renowned data providers. Together, we are shaping a responsible and future-oriented financial world.

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The complexity of the capital markets and the speed of current developments require competent partners. We have been using the possibilities of Big Data for us since before it became a buzzword.

Talk to us about the possibilities for your strategic investment structuring. We will work with you to develop custom-fit portfolio solutions that meet your individual return expectations, risk budgets and ancillary conditions, or use our white paper "Quant 4.0" (Download) for a first overview.



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