Sevilla FC and GET Capital combined the soccer knowledge

GET Capital AG ans Sevilla FC Develop a revolutionary data-driven scouting platform.

Over the past two years, Sevilla FC and GET Capital have combined the soccer knowledge with the scientific use of data to shape the future of 21st century soccer professional scouting. The competitive advantages are obvious: better transfer decisions, cost savings and efficiency gains, which results in an optimized business value.


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In the course of the project, The I+D+i area of Sevilla FC contributed with its leading expertise in scouting and squad planning and GET Capital took over the technological development of the platform. As a result, a platform has been created, which meets the needs of decision makers in the field of soccer and offers them an intuitive and comprehensive tool, not only providing them insights from the past and present data, but also for future, by means of incorporating state-of-the-art predictive analytics models.

Data-driven scouting based on artificial intelligence models will increasingly become an essential pillar in the professional soccer business and change the way clubs work. Sports directors, coaches and scouts will have a powerful decision-making tool at their disposal,“ is how Dr. Pashutan Modaresi and Harald Schnorrenberg from GET Capital comment on the current trend.

“Sevilla FC has a strategical commitment in the development and implementation of data-driven technologies and methodologies across all the business and sport areas of the club. As a result, our I+D+i and Data departments keep currently being involved in a wide spectrum of artificial intelligence intensive projects that aim to optimize the quality of our squad and to grow and fully engage our fan base. The final goal is to increase the pace of resources generation, to be wiser in their allocation, and, therefore, to keep being extraordinary competitive in a football environment in which the financial power is becoming decisive” stated Dr. Elías Zamora and Ramón Rodríguez “Monchi” from Sevilla FC.

Both companies will continue working on the shaping of the professional football of the 21st century.

About Sevilla FC

Sevilla FC is the second oldest football club in Spain and the oldest in La Liga. The team is the most celebrated and important club in Andalusia and the South of Spain, as well as the only continental title-holder in the Andalusia region. Sevilla FC ranks 5th in La Liga’s all-time historic rankings and also ranks 11st in UEFA. Sevilla FC also has an impressive list of honours: one La Liga title (45/46), five Spanish Cups (1935, 1939, 1948, 2007 and 2010), one Spanish Supercup (2007), six UEFA Europa Leagues (2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020) and one European Supercup (2006). Sevilla FC is the king of the UEFA Europa League, with an unmatched six titles to their name.

Sevilla FC´s slogan is “never surrender”. We believe that only if we aim high will we have a chance to achieve it. It means looking at your rivals face to face without fear to show that if you want you can. All of this is something that, at Sevilla FC, we always strive for. We are the first to be brave and go for it. We always want more. At Sevilla FC we encourage people to aim for the highest goals, to break the status quo and to achieve great things. We encourage people to never surrender.

Club is currently working on an intense process of internationalisation with the aim of expanding our brand as something unique in new markets where football is consolidating. Markets such as China, India and Mexico are strategic bets for us, where we believe we can significantly grow the Sevilla FC brand. Other key markets are being assessed now.

About GET Capital AG

GET Capital was founded in 2006 as an independent quantitative asset management boutique, which takes advantage of the opportunities the digital revolution offers, integrating modern portfolio theory, big data analyses and artificial intelligence into a modular investment process without human intervention. In addition to its core asset management business, GET Capital also offers custom-tailored services in the field of data science and machine learning.

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