In addition to our core asset management business, we also offer forward-looking advisory services, derived from our tried-and-tested technologies and machine learning algorithms.

  • Advisory services in the area of: robo-advisory
  • Advisory services in the area of: big data analyses/digitalisation
  • Advisory services in the area of: forecasting and decision-making
  • Advisory services in the area of: strategic portfolio construction


Robo-advisory concepts offer customised, algorithm-based online financial advisory services, without human intervention, via a closed solution. This is the core element of the AI/machine-learning ‘revolution’ in the field of asset management.

In the manner that robo-advisory is currently mainly employed, it exclusively takes the role of a digital investment advisor, combining client profiles with a small number of portfolios managed in the traditional way. At the end of the day, this kind of service is fundamentally the same as the one provided by bank advisors.

In contrast, we have developed a technology which allows an effective implementation of the AI/machine-learning ‘revolution’ via robo-advisory. Specifically, robo-advisory powered by GET Capital offers real AI-based and actively managed investment solutions with comprehensive possibilities for strategy customisation.

The essence of GET Capital’s robo-advisory is the combination of machine learning classifiers and regressors, together with the implementation of customised investment restrictions. This technology forecasts market performance and creates an individual portfolio proposal, thus enabling private investors to benefit from the added value of this new revolutionary technology.

Individualisation and AI-based management powered by GET Capital robo-advisory.

The financial services sector is facing enormous structural transformation. Client needs are changing at a previously unimaginable speed, and the very existence of financial institutions in the future depends on their will to adjust their own DNA.

We would be happy to give you strategic advice on your planned digitalisation projects.

  • AI-based automation of routine processes with impact on
    • data-driven forecast and decisions
    • automation and acceleration of repetitive tasks such as loan credit scoring, fraud detection or cross-sales recommendation.
  • AI-based big data analytics include the examination of large and diverse data sets, in order to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, client preferences and other useful information, thereby supporting organisations in making decisions based on data-driven information. Client analysis is a particularly important area of application – specifically:
    • sentiment analysis
    • 360-degree view
    • segmentation for marketing and pricing purposes
    • Next Best Offer

We advise and support you – as institutional clients – across all process components – from market analysis via return estimator procedures, up to decision-making support on a single-market level, deploying AI methods.

  • Medium-term return forecast via regime-oriented models
  • Long-term return forecast using Wavelet technology
  • Investment signals via machine learning classifiers, such as neural networks and support vector machines
  • Market cycle analyses using hidden Markov models

We advise and support you – as institutional clients – in the conception, definition and simulation of all components of an individual portfolio, helping you gain a deep understanding of the risk and performance sources.

  • Creation of highly diversified universes for institutional investors
  • Mathematical transformation of constraints
  • Inclusion of risk restrictions
  • Creation of strategy simulations as a basis for further analyses